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Kids – ask a parent first before letting your creativity run wild. The compound may stain some surfaces, so it’s best to do a spot check in an inconspicuous place just to be sure!

Watch a stop motion demonstration of turning any boring item into a one-of-a-kind artwork! The DohVinci brand from the makers of Play-Doh is a no-mess arts & crafts 3D design tool that allows kids to create cool decorations on just about any item. Kids can spend hours playing with DohVinci design products! DohVinci design products can be used with decoration kits that can be purchased separately or on common household items such as vases and picture frames. Add some color to your life with ease! Ask a parent first, may stain some surfaces.

Product used: DohVinci styler, 1 teal deco pop, 1 pink deco pop, 1 black deco pop, 1 white deco pop, and 2 purple deco pops.

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