Todays video is on 10 Useful Gardening DIY Tricks and Garden Hacks by Garden Tips Channel mainly container gardening. These are easy to do gardening hacks collection that every gardener or beginner must know. This is Part 5 of the the garden hacks compilation for the year 2018 with special hack – cigarrette in gardening as a pesticide. Please watch the gardening hacks youtube videos in part 1 to part 4 in my playlist.
Lets Begin!
1. Tobacco is an age-old natural organic pesticide for Aphids, Whiteflies, Spider mites, Leaf miners and many other worms like slugs and caterpillars. If tobacco or tobacco leaves are not available your can use this hack. If you are a smoker, or anyone in your family or friends, You can make a Cheapest Tobacco Pesticide Spray for your plants from Left over Cigarette Butts – watch video for method. Load into your spray bottle and use it on the affected plants. Repeat after a week if necessary or use in conjunction with neem oil spray alternately if you wish. One point to note is: Tobacco spray is natural but still dangerous to beneficial insects of your garden.

2. Easy Compost Tea Spray for Your Plants: watch video.
Strain out the liquid using a cloth and your compost tea is ready. To use this as foliar spray and to water your plants dilute it further like 1: 10 and use once every 15 days and spray in early morning hours when the leaf stomata are open for best results.

3. Soaking flower bulbs in dilute compost tea before planting them speeds up germination time by providing them extra energy boost from compost. Soak for max 6 to 12 hours, not more than that.

4. Lighten up your pots by filling the bottoms with peanut shells and similar stuff like this, specially if your pots are more deeper.

5. Mulching with Sea shells: Specially if you are staying near a coastal areas, they are easily available in plenty.

6. Make a Vertical Garden. Simplest of this is by using taut strings on a wall and hang some vertical pots with hooks.

7. Protect your plants from scorching summer heat. The best way to do this is use atleast 50 percent green shadenet. But if you do not have this, just use any – watch video

8. Keep your hand clean by using disposable surgical gloves for gardening. This is a cheap use and throw alternative to garden gloves.
9. No Wheelbarrow to move garden stuff? Do not worry, the cheapest alternative is – see in the video.
10. Use an All in one All-purpose Mixed Fertilizer Recipe Powder to save time. Check this for full:
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(I am a medical doctor with hobby as gardening)

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