Recycled craft ideas: Recycled Spring Butterfly Tutorial:

What you need:

Plastic bottle
Colourful fabric
Styrofoam ball
Seed beads
Wooden skewer

Red felt tip pen
Black thin permanent marker
PVA glue
White paint glue

How to make a Recycled Spring Butterfly?

1. Draw the butterfly on the plastic bottle and cut it out.

2. Glue the butterfly on a piece of colourful fabric.

3. After drying cut out the butterfly.

4. Drill two holes on the body of the butterfly using scissors.

5. Colour the styrofoam ball using a red felt tip pen.

6. Thrust the wooden skewer into the styrofoam ball.

7. Thread the wooden skewer through the holes on the body of the butterfly.

8. Tie a bow using red ribbon and glue it in the neck of the butterfly.

9. Thread 23 seed beads on each eyepin.These are the tentacles of the butterfly.

10. Glue the tentacles on the head of the butterfly and tie them.

11. Draw the face of the butterfly.

12. Draw stripes on the wings of the butterfly using white paint glue.

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