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Vintage Pearlescent Blue Suitcase By Hawthorne | Quilted Lavender Ruffled Satin Interior Great For Display Or Photo Prop Chrome Hardware


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More DollFood luggage: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DollFood/items?section_id=13009329 Pearlescent blue retro hard-sided vintage suitcase perfectly adorable for display or as a photo prop. Besides that gorgeous shimmery crosshatch textured blue exterior finish, it also features lavender satin fabric quilted lining & pretty ruffles inside the roof. & get a load of that practically pristine shiny silver chrome hardware & white retro stitching! This stunner is a very special piece of retro luggage, no doubt. Notice the raised blingy chrome piece behind the handle that reads, “HAWTHORNE?” Looks practically brand new! So do the chrome latches in a very shiny silver with barely a hint of light scratches on them. Only the hinges show signs of rust, but all appears to be in good working order, although we'd recommend you plan to use it for display or as a prop to get the most longevity out of it. Not a stitch is missing in that great contrasting white stitching that goes all the way around the case both top & bottom! This stitching is found on a couple large, raised hard plastic protective edgings that seem to have done a very good job protecting the case from excessive wear over the long years of its previous life. Wonder where this suitcase has traveled so far & where it will end up? Love, love, LOVE, vintage luggage with its inherent history & future potential all wrapped up in the same box! The exterior is in super condition with some scuffs, scratches, & a few stains, but most blends in quite well with that shimmery pearlescent blue background & isn't that noticeable. It seems to be a pretty sturdy case, well taken care of, & opens & closes well. The interior shows more wear than the outside of the case, with both of the pockets sewn into the sides now useless with their drooping elastic worn out with age (hey, it happens to the best of us), & a handful of blue/green stains on one side of the case & pocket, perhaps from some of that funky super bright eye shadow in fashion back then! The rest of the pretty lavender fabric looks pretty good with only a few very light stains elsewhere inside. GREAT NEWS: the ruffled roof of the case is actually in incredible condition & should display BEAUTIFULLY if you choose to keep this open. It has a couple tie-downs for organization attached to the bottom (think they're blue-ish in color?). There is a slight “old luggage” odor when first opened up, but not too much. This vintage suitcase is chock full of charm. You open it by pulling out on the inner edges of each latch to get them to pop open, & close it by pushing them back down in place. These are clearly heavy duty, high quality latches, & shut firmly, making it feel like a super solid case for you to keep your treasures in. Love the stylish raised chrome piece that the smooth retro shaped matching blue handle is firmly attached to. The plastic handle is in good condition with some wear & scratches, but works great. The top is attached to the bottom of the case