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The Baker’s Guide to French Breads


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Learn how to make baguettes and other classic French breads that rival those at the best Parisian bakeries and elicit satisfied “mmms” from grateful guests. King Arthur's Jeffrey Hamelman starts by breaking down hydration, fermentation and gluten development while you make your first batch. Once your dough is fully mature, find out how to evenly divide each piece and form it into that distinctive baguette shape. Jeffrey shares the tools you'll need to get consistently flavorful results, and he explains how to create the steam that's so essential to a crusty-delicious baguette. Stronger dough, added flavor and less processing time? Jeffrey shows you how with pre-fermentation. Plus, learn the importance of pre-shaping, and master a few new shapes, from sandwich loaves and dinner rolls to bâtard, épi de blé and more!