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Socks My Way: Heel & Toe Variations


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Create the perfect look and feel in all your socks whether you're knitting toe-up or top-down! Join instructor Lara Neel and learn a variety of methods for knitting sock heels and toes, as well as how, when and why you might use them. During class, Lara will teach you how to take the most accurate measurements and show you how to swatch for sock success. You'll also conquer methods for flap and gusset heels and learn to shape heels worked completely in short rows. Then, discover some heel techniques that many knitters might have never heard of! When you move on to toes, Lara will show you how to shape them both from the side and in the round. Plus, you'll receive special secrets you won't learn anywhere else, and Lara will share easy formulas that will ensure your heels and toes are proportioned just right!