Ply to Knit: Spin the Yarn You Really Want



Professional knitter and spinner Jillian Moreno will guide you through what ply is and why it's so important to spinning the yarns you want. You'll gain a new understanding of ply terminology, learn about the equipment you'll need and become comfortable with the motions of ply. Then, Jillian will walk you through each step of plying your yarn with singles, 2-ply, 3-ply and chain-ply. You’ll discover the differences and advantages to each of these plies and explore what fibers and projects they complement. Moving on, get techniques for correcting common mistakes and find out how to spot a mistake by look or feel! Finally, learn how to measure and plan for ply, achieve consistent ply and even use commercial yarns as a touchstone when spinning your one-of-a-kind yarn.