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One-Dish Meals Made New


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Join cookbook author Pam Anderson and learn how to make easy one-pot dinners! First, create two of Pam's famous “shove-it-in-the-oven” stews. Then, prepare roasted fish with vegetables using only one sheet pan and transform paella into weeknight fare! Fall-off-the-bone lamb shanks will become part of your regular repertoire when you learn how to make this hearty dish faster and more flavorful than ever. Next, confidently make beef tenderloin stuffed with tangy blue cheese and breadcrumbs, cooking the beef in the same pan as a creamy barley pilaf. You'll even master the ultimate comfort food — chicken pot pie — made extra-special with leeks and apples, all ready in a flash with Pam's shortcuts. Finally, learn how to make a rich mushroom lasagna in no time; it's sure to be your new favorite meal!