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Dimensional Wire-Wrapping Techniques


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Craft eye-catching, dimensional pieces with award-winning jewelry artist Kathy Frey as your guide. Begin by practicing hammering, forming and Kathy's signature weave to make an airy, leaf-shaped frame. Progress to a more complex, moon-shaped frame as you learn accessible tips for wrapping uneven shapes and seamlessly adding more wire mid-design. Then, delve into three- and four-sided frames for a wire-wrapped wow factor, and find out how to craft an elegant half-shell pendant with a hidden pearl inside. Discover how to create crisp bends in your wire, before wire wrapping an advanced pyramid frame with gold wire. And, explore versatile techniques as you learn how to wire wrap beach glass to create gorgeous focal elements for necklaces and more. Finally, elevate your designs with a stunning matte finish, two-tone patina or ombré effect.