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Danish Pastries From Scratch


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Learn how to create decadent Danish pastries at home! Certified Executive Pastry Chef Colette Christian shows you it's easier than you think. First, discover the secrets to the perfect laminated, yeast-risen dough, including how to build a butter block faster than ever. Then, make your mixer work for it, and create luscious fillings for three popular Danish pastries: cream cheese, streusel and bear claw. Plus, Colette shows you how to make fillings on your stovetop, from classic cherry to thick pastry cream. Next, put your filling where your pastry is, and make impressive designs, including pockets, pinwheels and envelopes. Discover the importance of proofing your Danishes, and get Colette's tips for tasty garnishes, such as nappage and powdered sugar. And, learn how to avoid waste by putting those delicious pastry scraps to use in twists, lunettes, monkey bread and more.