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Creative Free-Motion Techniques: From Doodle to Design


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Learn how to doodle then quilt an array of inspired motifs with popular instructor Lori Kennedy. Along the way, Lori will teach you techniques for creating all-over designs, travel stitching, simplifying complex motifs and more. Start by finding out how doodling with pen and paper can build muscle memory for favorite free-motion quilting designs, improve your spacing and help you quilt smoother lines. Next, see how to draw and quilt fun motifs such as leaves, berries, acorns and other nature-inspired designs. Move on to doodling and stitching a variety of stunning star motifs and ribbon designs. Want to bring a homey look to your design? You can with Lori's lesson on planning and creating cute house motifs and trees. You'll even get comfortable quilting apples, worms, jigsaw puzzles, pencils and cursive lettering to complement kids' quilts.