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Cooking for Two: More Taste, Less Waste


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Learn how to cook the perfect portions for two with expert guidance from chef and cookbook author Carla Snyder. First, find out how to properly stock your pantry so you have everything on hand for easy weeknight meals. Then, master the sauté and whip up seared chicken breasts with kale and mouthwatering cheese-stuffed pork chops. Are you a “fix it and forget it” cook? Carla's got you covered with quick roasted rib-eye steaks and a miso-roasted salmon dish that's delicious and guilt-free. Next, embrace quick cleanup on the grill as you create crowd-pleasing fajitas and prosciutto-wrapped shrimp kebobs. Finally, find out how to make meatless dishes that don't sacrifice heartiness, and bring savory frittata from the breakfast table to the dinner table. Plus, learn how to give leftovers a new and irresistible life, so you never waste a bite!