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Close-Up Flowers in Watercolor


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Join award-winning artist Nan Carey and learn how to paint watercolor flowers that blossom with vibrant hues! Begin by easily transferring the image of a lily, and dive into color-mixing to create an array of lush, beautiful hues. Follow along with Nan to apply soft, delicate washes of color to your floral composition, and discover how to use wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry techniques to create light, luminous petals and leaves. You'll learn how to preserve white areas in your painting to act as highlights, and how to depict shadows that create a sense of depth and dimension. Explore glazing to enhance your work with rich layers of color, and then practice your new skills with a second composition: a radiant rose. You'll also learn how to instantly create texture, erase your mistakes, choose the right brushes and set up your workstation — everything you need to know to paint exquisite watercolor flowers any time you want!