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Classic Desserts Reimagined


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Award-winning chef Elizabeth Falkner shows you how to think about and bake classic desserts in dramatic new ways. First, transform the ultimate Americana dessert, apple pie, into a deconstructed masterpiece that includes black pepper crème fraîche. Turn strawberry shortcake into a superfood treat by incorporating goji berries and açai for big bursts of flavor and color. Then, reimagine baklava ingredients and create a delicious dried fruit parfait, complete with a phyllo crisp topping. Elizabeth shares her secrets for a decadent mash-up of two ice cream-based desserts: an Italian tartufo and a tin roof sundae. She shows you how to kick carrot cake up a notch with an outrageous microwave cake recipe and innovative plating techniques. You'll even learn how to work with less-traditional fruits (think avocado and tomato) to make an incredible tarte Tatin that you have to taste to believe.