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Here are some details:

Are you ready to sculpt your whole body lean while having fun? POP Pilates is the new, upbeat way to flatten your abs, lift your booty, tone up your thighs, and chisel those sleek arms you've always wanted. In this full 60 minute routine, Cassey Ho, YouTube Fitness Star and certified instructor, will take you through a total body POP Pilates mat workout that will leave you smiling…but sore the next day! It's just like being in a live class with Cassey motivating you through every move – pushing you to your best potential with her bubbly and inspirational personality.

FREE SHIPPING IN THE US! Only $5 shipping for international orders!

DVD Features:

– Interactive Exercise Library (to target specific muscle groups)
– Glossy workout printable that you can take anywhere
– Music on/off option
– Will play on all DVD players, including your country

NTSC video format – Will play on all NTSC compatible DVD players and all computers/laptops regardless of country or player. Most PAL TV's will display NTSC with no problem.

Notes from POPsters:

“As a professional dancer who travels for work, POP Pilates is the perfect on-the-go workout that keeps me feeling beautiful, confident and proud every night I get on stage!” – Katarzyna W-M

“Doing POP Pilates with Cassey is like working out with a best friend–her conversations make the workout so much fun that time flies and you almost don't realize you're doing one of the most intense workouts of your life. Thanks to Cassey, I've gotten my body back into better shape than it's ever been before.” – Kristin J.M.

“POP Pilates helped me lose over 20 lbs and helped me gain positivity and confidence. Thank you so much Cassey!” – Claire K.


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Cassey Ho is a certified Pilates and fitness instructor, winner of YouTube Next Trainer, and was also recently named FITNESS Magazine's Best Healthy Living Blogger.


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