I designed a mirror applying an aged beam and a mirror offcut, additional the electric power courtesy of the Microwave and we have some Lichtenburg Figures or captured lightning. Im considering of generating these for sale shortly, the difficulty is often likely to be to discover a frequent resource of quality timber. Im also likely to get started promoting the peg rails I believe, im not sure, Im hunting at Etsy at the moment if anyones got some assistance?
Theres some superior pics on the fb website page right here

Part1 rigging up the microwave and check piece right here

Terrific job, if anyones intrigued i can present you how to make these mirrors, seriously affordable and easy. You will need to have a smaller 1/4 inch router though preferably.
Lichtenberg etching is dodgy, a minor unsafe, uncovered stay wires and shit. Nonetheless almost certainly safer than functioning round on the freeway and you wouldnt do that so a minor bit of frequent sense goes a long way. Probably a dead mans take care of is the foreseeable future? If anyones got recommendations on what kind of change Id need to have that would be great!

You may discover me on these great diy groups exactly where i get a great deal of good assistance and thoughts.
Do-it-yourself on a Funds https://www.fb.com/groups/1423184117937567/

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Audio Courtesy of Machinimasound
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