This video describes how to make use of waste CDs which are discarded by people with the help of unused photos. This is simple and easy to make. You just need photos, waste CDs, scissors, and super glue to do this one. All of them are right with you. Get ready to make crazy themes and have fun with this project. You can just comment below the video in case of doubts. Please do not forget to like and subscribe if you love the stuff I do.

Here is the tutorial for you.

Steps- Take waste Cd's and photos you want to use. Cut them in round shape. Arrange CDs in the pattern shown in the video. Use a glue gun or feviquick or super glue to paste them on CDs. Enjoy ur new recycled photo frame. Thanks for trying this project and reducing waste on this earth.

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Audio: The background music is from Tim Neumark and I have permission from the creator (Tim Neumark) to use this music.

“THE DREAM OF YOU”, musical composition administered by:
TuneCore Publishing
Audiam / TuneSat (Label)


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