I show you how I do it. I enhance my hobby by making a small profit, its fun to do. I have restored or refurbished over 500 pieces, learned by getting out in the shop & doing it. Most painted with a strayer, brush or roller. I can do it all, some stained or oiled & 30% is shabby chic style. I prefer older vintage stuff but have done lots of newer stuff too. I do all woodwork needed, bondo for painted stuff, fix doors & drawers, replace glass if needed, upholstery, self taught & still learning. The hobby pays for any tools needed. Sometimes I make over 1k per week but that doesn't happen enough, once I made $2,700 in a single weekend when somebody bought most of my inventory in a single transaction…
Ive built quiet a few clients that bring me pieces to restore for them, sometimes its a mechanical resto or the full deal. Whatever they want.
When I do these pieces for myself my motto is always “in N out” which means get in & out of that piece asap, my time is valuable so being set up & organized is key. The pieces are refinished in the back shop then brought to the front garage for either pick up or storage. I also have a 10′ x 15′ shed out in the back to store unfinished pieces I picked up.
I should point out that I am a professional finish carpenter, thats how I make a living, I do mostly installs. This furniture restoration skill is something more.
This was recorded last summer but same stuff going on today.
Ill post another video with a few more before & after shots later, the end of this video includes a few. Lately I been chilling on the restorations so I can focus more on the shop & making other different shop projects. This hobby really taught me so much, still so much to learn.
Okay, I'll be out in the shop, see you next time.


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