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Do you feel like adding some sass to your wardrobe? You came to the right place! There are so many awesome and creative ideas on how to spice up your casual outfits and here are quite a few of them. Turn your scarf into beautiful DIY shorts or upgrade your old pair of jeans with cool textures and designs! All of these easy DIY clothing hacks and more are waiting for you, sister! Stay tuned for more!

0:00 Ornament Jeans Spray
1:04 T-Shirt Stain Map Out
1:56 Denim Overall Dress
3:25 DIY Pencil Brooch
4:50 Denim Bum Bag Pockets
6:24 Sideless Sports Shirt
7:13 From Scarfs to Shorts
8:40 From Dress to Jumpsuit
9:40 T-Shirt with Zipper Shoulders

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