Are you ready to lose weight, get flexible, tone your body, and relieve your aches and pains with yoga… in a few short weeks?

Learn the secret for burning fat naturally with a calm yoga practice and without extreme workouts, diet pills, painful cardio, or starvation diets!

Join the thousands of yogis losing weight with the Yoga Fat Loss Bible!

40 Minute Cardio yoga flow (HIIT Workout). Check out Align – “A must have alignment course for all yogis practicing at home.”: Save $20 using the coupon code “LOVEYOURSELF”

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This class is intermediate to advanced. It's a non-stop, heart-pumping sweaty flow class with lots of bakasanas (crow poses) and mukta hasta sirsasana (tripod headstands). This class will burn tons of calories! As always, please rest as needed and hit the pause button when you want a break. During the cool-down I show you how to set up for a supported shoulder stand (salamba sarvangasana) with blankets to help keep your neck safer. As always, do not go upside down if you have injuries (especially neck and back), high blood pressure, glaucoma, or a heavy day during your monthly moon cycle.

Please leave me comments and questions and let me know if you would like to see certain poses or types of classes or questions about other yoga-related topics. 🙂

Come and practice with me IRL: Join our yoga retreat July 10-13 2014 in Ojai, CA. Comment below or email me for more info: 🙂

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Welcome to the Fightmaster Yoga channel!

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Life is hard.

I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed, overweight and either depressed or stressed out. I've been there.

My name is Lesley Fightmaster. I am a yoga teacher trainer. I have taught thousands of classes. I've seen amazing transformations in people just like you.

New to yoga? Try my 30 day yoga for beginners and beginners yoga playlists.

For a yoga workout try my hatha yoga happiness program or yogafix90. Also find yoga for weight loss, total body yoga, vinyasa yoga, and Ashtanga classes. Each class is a full body yoga stretch.

You might also enjoy my detox yoga, energizing yoga, morning yoga or yin yoga for deep stretching.

If you practice even 10 minutes a day I guarantee you will feel better.

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