IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ!! Do NOT use nail polish remover on real wood surfaces. My table shown in the video is a type of plastic, not wood. Do NOT use nail polish as varnish on polymer clay (oven-baked clay). It works fine with air-dry clay which is the material used in this video.

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Here's a collection of crafting tips using things that are easily found around the home!

The most requested tip is probably the DIY felting glove, I actually stabbed myself on camera at 04:45 but didn't feel a thing! Make sure you are wearing the glove when attaching the duct tape because it needs to mold around the shape of your finger. You need at least 5 layers of tape for it be effective.

Here are few more tips to avoid poking yourself when felting:

1) Do not watch TV when felting, or do anything that leads your eye away from the needle. This includes having a conversation with someone in the room if you have to keep looking up to talk to them.

2) Try not to hold the piece so your fingers are hidden by the wool. This often happens in the early stages where the wool is loose and fluffy. If you can't see your fingers and then you're more likely to stab them by accident.

3) Use a ‘light touch' with your needle. As long as it's going in and out of the wool then it's felting effectively. You don't need extra strength to push the needle down, this only increases the danger if it accidentally slips!

Nail Polish – Ivory Queen by Ciate
Clay Used in Video – Modena Air-Dry Resin Clay
Credit for the make-up tip goes to my favourite taiwanese crafting channel LIFE:

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Camera: JVC Everio
Software: iMovie 10.0.1
Music Courtesy of Audio Network


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