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Yoga Burn is one of the Fitness Junkie's favorite programs. I love doing yoga, but this yoga workout program really makes it a lot better.

Yoga burn is a yoga based workout program that is specifically tailored to help women lose weight and shape up. Yoga Burn is based on the principle of Dynamic Sequencing which teaches you how to properly preform poses ​and use these yoga poses to firm and shape your body. It is a program that is divided into three phases that will work to challenge you and your body. The program is designed for women of all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced. Dynamic sequencing will teach you the basics of every pose and then teach you how to apply these poses into a more challenging workouts.

Yoga Burn is a complete 12 week program designed to help you tone and firm your body while losing weight and improving flexibility. Yoga is one of my favorite forms of exercise so I was beyond excited to try this program and share my experiences with the Yoga Burn program! I present to you a complete review of Yoga Burn so that you can decide if this program is a right fit for you!

Who is Zoe Bray-Cotton?

Zoe Bray-Cotton is the creator behind the Yoga Burn workout program. ​Zoe is a yoga instructor, personal trainer, and female body transformation expert. She has worked with people as a personal trainer and incorporated yoga to transform her client's body's. She has over a decade of experience teaching all styles of yoga in gyms and studios all across North America. She certainly has the experience to create a wholesome program to help women lose weight. As a yoga instructor she does a great job making this program simple and easy to follow​ so that even if you are a complete beginner you can still follow along with the program.

Benefits of Yoga Burn

The Yoga Burn workout program is a great way to workout and lose weight while toning the body. Using yoga as a weight loss tool can help you lose weight along with other health benefits.

Weight Loss
Better Sleep
Improved flexability
Increase muscle strength and tone
Improve athletic preformance
Increases blood flow
Improves mood

How Does Yoga Burn Work?
This is a full 12 week yoga focused program that is designed to help users lose weight and tone and firm the body. ​The 12 week program is divided into three phases that span 4 weeks each. Every phase of the program features instructions and videos you can follow along.

Three Phases of Yoga Burn for Women​
There are a total of three workouts in each phase of Yoga Burn. This gives you a total of 9 videos plus bonuses that might be included. Each phase of Yoga Burn should last you 4 weeks. You should aim to complete all three workouts in the phase every week ​along with the Tranquility Flow bonus thats included. This gives you a total of 4 days of yoga every week. Each workout is 15 minutes in length and loops 3 times for a grand total of 45 minutes. ​

Phase 1: ​The Foundational Flow Phase: This is the first phase in the program and will build a foundation for the rest of the program. Here is where you will be introduced to yoga poses and how to have a correct form. Zoe will take you through the poses step-by-step and then she will teach you how to tie these poses together in a smooth flow. While it is basic it is also fast paced to boost your metabolism. You will also learn how to properly breath during the workout. You will learn:

​Proper form to do the poses and exercises
Teaches you how to progress through the phase
Teaches you how to control your core
Phase 2: The Transitional Flow Phase: In this phase you will learn how to properly transition from one pose to the next and how to create sequences. You will learn how to combine all the poses learned from phase one and how to mix them up and combine them for maximum calories burning.

Phase 3: The Mastery Flow Phase: In the final phase of Yoga Burn, Zeo teaches you how to combine everything you learned in the first and second phase and turns it into a high powered, body toning workout that will really help you firm and tone your body. In the end you will preform yoga workout routines that will specifically burn fat efficiently and target problem areas of the body. Phase 3 will help you:

Transform your body while building definition
Boost your metabolism
Targets muscles that will help you build lean muscles and get that “yoga” body
Great for all fitness levels: From beginner to advanced, this program can be done by any fitness level
asy to follow for yoga beginners: I love how this program makes sure to make it simple and the instructions are very clear and easy to follow
Affordable: This program does not cost much and it is much cheaper than classes at a yoga studio. It is also much cheaper than many other workout programs.

Disclaimer : I am Affiliate of This Product & Result will be Vary Each Person


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