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Welcome to my Yoga burn review where we go over the yoga burn workout and the yoga burn 12 week challenge.

Yoga Burn DVD was created by Zoe Bray Cotton and is a 12 week fitness program for women. Yoga Burn is also known as “Her Yoga Secrets” and uses Dynamic Sequencing, a method that burns calories and fat with great efficiency, without losing beginners along the way.

Zoe Yoga Burn DVD is a sweet woman and both me (Sophia), Ellie and Monica felt that she wants the best for her students! Even if you have never done yoga, you can rest assured that you come out of this with solid understanding and the ability to do all exercises correctly. The Yoga Burn videos are divided into 3 phases, including instructional videos that explain and demonstrate all of the yoga poses and sequences to make you a master. We are picky about what we recommend, so the fact that we’ve decided to write Yoga Burn reviews already shows that we are happy with this program.

The 3 main phases or workouts of Yoga Burn program are everything you need to do yoga. Each phase includes 3 videos (+ bonuses), which are about 15 minutes in length and repeated 3 times. Hence, each workout is 45 minutes long and should be completed once per week. A 4th phase, called the tranquility flow, included as a free bonus.

Yoga Burn’s Foundational Flow – it this phase, you get a solid introduction to yoga and learn how to improve your skills while building a strong link between your mind and body. These foundational poses are very important and help you throughout the rest of the program.

Yoga Burn’s Transitional Flow – This phase is a lot of fun, because here you start to combine the poses from before into seamless sequences of continuous motion, moving from one pose to the next. This is called a “flow”.

Yoga Burn’s The Mastery Flow – This phase adds more advanced poses and combines your knowledge from the previous lessons. The sequence taught in this phase increases your metabolism and helps you lose the most weight, if you keep it up.

The best place to buy Yoga Burn for Women is through the official website because then you will qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee. The price of Yoga Burn is $37 or $57 (plus shipping and handling) depending on which package you choose.

Option 2 in Yoga Burn would be a good pick if you have a friend that wants to do the program, you each will get a digital and physical copy and you can split the cost. When you buy Yoga Burn from the official website you will also get a 60 day money back guarantee so that if you are for any reason not satisfied with the program or your experience you can get a full refund. Please note that this program is not available to be purchased through Amazon.

I completed the full 12 week Yoga Burn for Women workout program and have positive results. Yoga Burn was very clear and easy to follow but at the same time it was challenging and forced me to push my limits. I started seeing results after the first 4 weeks and am satisfied with the end results. My body doesn't “sag” and it's become nice an firm. Now I feel really confident when wearing yoga pants in public! You can make the Yoga Burn workouts as easy or as challenging as you like, it's completely up to you!

I've read a lot of positive reviews of the Yoga Burn program and the it seems that the people who did not have a good experience it was due to them not being educated on what to expect and what was included in the Yoga Burn program. Hopefully this complete review of the Yoga Burn for Women program gives you a complete overview of the program and what to expect. If you liked our video, share! Sharing is caring!


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You can buy Yoga Burn or Buy Yoga Burn using the link above. Thanks for watching this review video, god bless!


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