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Yoga Burn Real Review – Yoga For Weight Loss – By Zoe Bray Cotton 2018

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In Her Yoga Burn Secrets Zoe Bray-Cotton has truly perfected her own brand of yoga with this dvd. This is not for yoga purists and I'm a little tickled that anyone would even expect a traditional, authentic yoga practice from a Zoe Austin video!

But if you like a challenging (but not so hard that it's discouraging) workout incorporating the incredible strengthening and stretching benefits of yoga with fun new moves, then this is for you.

First off, this is by far the most beautiful indoor set on a fitness dvd and the visuals transform this from a workout into an experience (the gorgeous music doesn't hurt, either).

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ou will notice how Zoe avoids boring repetitions so often found in other power yoga dvds; as a result, this dvd is packed with so many inventive variations of traditional yoga moves (like the “Eagle Crunch”) that time just flies.

The fast pace of the dvd adds the benefits of cardio to what is essentially a full-body strengthening and stretching workout. The stretching moves are consistently intertwined within the strengthening exercises, so soreness is greatly alleviated (although attempting the crow pose was definitely too much for my wrists).

I generally do the entire program but I love the fact that it can also be done as four separate workouts (and although one targets legs and one targets abs, trust me when I say that you will feel your entire body engaged in these segments!).

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