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This is a 1 Hour Intermediate Total Body Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class. Build strength, increase flexibility, improve balance and enhance mental focus with this full body yoga practice. I recommend this for intermediate students and strong beginners who are comfortable with the vinyasa sequence. There will be options and modifications so you can work at the intensity level that is right for you today. Please continue reading for a class breakdown.

We start in Mountain Pose and warm up with a standing flowing sequence. In this yoga video, we flow through modified sun salutations (knee-down chaturanga, cobra waves); but feel free to do your own variation anytime. There's a little bit of everything! We do our standing sequence, balance poses, backbends, forward folds, twists, side stretches and lots of hip opening. Our peak pose is King Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana). It is a deep backbend and hip opener and we prepare for it throughout the class. All the elements we explore during class will be put together in that culminating peak pose. Don't worry, I offer modifications and you can choose the version of the pose that is right for you. We slow down with our seated sequence (Pigeon series, Double Pigeon, Side Stretch, Cowface Legs with Twist) and a Supine Side stretch. There are approximately 5 minutes of Savasana music at the end then we close the practice together. 🙂

Notes: If your knees feel sensitive, make sure you pad your knees with a blanket or towel. Use it when we are in our low lunge poses and pigeon.

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