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Here it is!! The last day of the Yoga Burn Core Challenge
In this 25 minute practice, I've combined the best core strengthening, belly flattening, posture improving, Yoga poses into one master flow.
We have practiced all of these poses this week, and you are now READY to take on this entire Yoga Burn Flow!
Make sure you watch until the end of today's practice, as I've included a short meditation that brings this entire week full circle.
If you enjoyed this week with me, then you will be head-over-heels for the Yoga Burn System for Women and the Yoga Burn Monthly Collection.
Click here to join the Yoga Burn Family, and receive an exclusive Facebook Only offer that will save you money, and get you started on your transformation!!
Questions and comments are always welcome & encouraged!!
There is one little mess up on this video where I get up to change the view. PLEASE ignore it and stay down on your belly. My editing software was being CHALLENGING this morning lol my apologies
Lot's of love to you,.Namaste, Zoe.

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