As the frosts recede – albeit slowly – many of us will be turning our thoughts to the great outdoors and a spot of gardening. If your outdoor space is less than great and is in fact rather cramped and limited, this doesn't mean that you are unable to have at least a small garden. Courtyard gardens are very popular across the world and they offer a small but perfectly formed escape from the daily hustle and bustle of life. Thanks to their size they are also easy to create and equally easy to maintain. Here are some important features to consider when creating one.


Shady Characters

Most small courtyard gardens have one common feature – the abundance of high walls. These block out the light to some extent but this is part of their charm as they create a sense of privacy and cosiness. Plants that like shade should be your primary focus for planting; hostas and ferns are particularly happy in shaded conditions and both come in an amazing variety of types. Hostas are leafy plants and their leaves are the main ‘feature' which come in different colors and textures. Woodland plants of all types also thrive well in shade and if you're limited to the amount of soil or are simply using pots to plant, then these will also be a good choice.

Imaginative Creations

Water features are common in courtyard gardens – as seen in many photographs of this type of retreat. They introduce sound and can be used to mask other less pleasant sounds such as traffic or noisy neighbors. In a courtyard garden the reflections from water features will also add another dimension to this relatively small space. Your imagination is really the only barrier when it comes to adding a water garden feature. Just about any type of container can be used to create a water garden simply with the addition of a good quality pond liner to keep it water tight. Epalyn pond liners are widely available and are one of the most popular and long lasting liners on the market. When creating a full sized pond you'll need to use a pond liner size calculator and this is also true when order a liner for your courtyard water feature. The basic dimensions are length, width and the deepest point but most online suppliers will have a pond liner size calculator on their site should you need help with sizing and placing an order.

Material Choices

The simplest ‘flooring' for a courtyard garden is gravel or chippings. These can be easily acquired and spread. Remember that you will need edging around the space to stop the gravel escaping over time. Gravel comes in a vast range of colours and a dark colour can add a ‘punch' to the overall design, creating a focus point that can tie the whole design together. Decking is a good alternative, although this is more expensive and slightly more technical to fit but again can come in any colour that you require, from natural wood to strong statement colours. The real beauty of a courtyard garden is perhaps in the simple fact that they can be so easy and quick to create. What's more they are easy to maintain, allowing you to transform an underused space into a perfect secret garden all of your own.

Materials needed in the construction of a pond include flexible rubber pond liners, pond pumps and other pond related accessories.

Often even the smallest space can be transformed into an attractive garden by including interesting and eye-catching features. By using a pond liner size calculator, you will reduce wastage by ordering exact dimensions and use it to budget your pond creation.



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