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Time to put all the facts on the table so you can make an informed decision on the Sirtfood Diet + what Adele ACTUALLY did to lose weight.

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The SirtFood Diet is a 3-week diet plan that helps you create meal plans using a food and recipe list to lose weight. It has gained a lot of traction recently due to being credited by Adele for helping her lose weight. But does it take all the credit for Adele's amazing weight loss transformation? And will it do the same for you? I answer all of these and more.

And be sure to watch the whole thing, because I'm also going to be pointing out lots of logical fallacies people make both when marketing and evaluating diets like these throughout the video, so that even if you decide not to do Sirtfood, you won't fall into these traps with the next diet plan you're looking at.

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