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Simone Callahan's Latest Yoga video
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Turning back the hands of time': Simone Callahan's latest yoga video appears to show the 48-year-old defying science by getting younger by the minute
Simone Callahan, ex-wife of Australian cricketing great Shane Warne, appears to be doing what science considers impossible: turning back the hands of time.

In her latest yoga video, posted to Instagram on Saturday, Simone, 48, shows off her incredibly youthful figure to the soundtrack of R. Kelly's ‘If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time' ballad.

The video begins like many of her others, showing Simone in side profile on a colourful yoga mat in her lounge room. Clad in a blush-coloured swimsuit, and with the crooning 1950's-style R. Kelly track playing in the background, Simone begins her set of asanas bent over, with her hands flat on the mat.She then gently lifts her arms and slides her hands forward on the yoga mat to achieve the downward dog position.

The mother-of-three then deftly brings her right hand under her torso to grab hold of her left ankle. At this point, the blonde pauses and looks directly at the camera – a rarity in her videos – for a few moments as R. Kelly croons, ‘You would be mine'.

She then removes her hand and returns to the start position before repeating the move, this time on the other side of her body.

Simone then returns to the downward dog position, before lifting her left leg up in the air and bending it behind her backside, with the poise of a seasoned ballerina. She repeats this elegant move with her other leg, before completing her workout by returning to the downward dog position once again.

Simone captioned the footage: ‘Yoga keeps the muscles healthy strong and flexible, we need that flexibility to maintain range of motion in the joints. Without it the muscles shorten and become tight.'

Her followers posted messages of support and gratitude, including, ‘You are great', You're amazing, girly', and ‘Gorgeous, woman.'Simone graciously thanked her well-wishers.

She is mother to children Brooke, 20, Summer, 16, and Jackson, 19, with ex-husband Shane, 48.

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