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Shape your legs in the forest 💙 Toned legs and butt strenght 🌈 In nature workout #outdoorsworkout

Toning your legs and strengthen your booty to gain the bubble butt you want or just maintain your gains: No gym is no excuse for not programming a workout. So, today I found a place in nature, in the forest, to do a workout together.

Workout Structure
1 Wide squats = Sumo squats variation
2 Side lunges
3 Standing side crunches
4 Long reverse lunges + front kick

Equipment: Optional Dumbbells

This short lower body routine can be a complete routine if you add 12-14 repetitions per set of exercises and repeat the total workout for 4-5 times.

There is no warm up or cool down in this particular video; both are highly recommended.

Remember to do your mind – muscle connection while executing this lower body routine.

So, why don't we do this together? Let's challenge our lower body for sexy toned legs at any age and wear that bikini butt with proudness of our gained efforts.

All the joy. All the love. Always,
🔆Zoraida #healthifymylife #healthifycoach

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