Recycled craft ideas: Wavy candle holder

What you need:
Beer can

Craft knife
Flat pliers

How to make a wavy candle holder?

1. Cut off the top of beer can using a sharp knife. Pay attention when cutting, because the can is very sharp.

2. Make a strip of paper, which is marked every 15mm. Fix it on the wall of the can and mark the 15 mm distances using a permanent marker. We can cut strips the same size from the can through this hatch.

3. Cut the side of the can into same sized strips. Pay attention to the slashes on the bottom of the box , they should end at the same height.

4. Fold the upper edge of the strips approx. 5mm using flat pliers. This little tab holds the strips to the side of the can.

5. Curve one of the strips. Slide the previously made small hook into the third notch. Squeeze the hook.

5. Fold the strips one after the other and attach them using the hook on to the next cut.

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