Recycled craft ideas: Recycled Spring Flower:

What you need:

Plastic bottle
Colourful fabric
Green felt
Styrofoam ball
Wooden skewer
Silver liner

Green felt tip pen
PVA glue

How to make a Recycled Spring Flower?

1. Cut the top of the plastic bottle off and cut the wall of it in.

2. Fold back the cut in tabs.

3. Make the edges of the tabs round using scissors.

4. Cut off appropriate sized chunks from the patterned fabric.

5. Glue the patterned fabric pieces on the tabs of the bottle.

6. Cut off the unnecessary fabric pieces after drying.

7. Tie a silk ribbon around the neck of the bottle.

8. Cut the styrofoam ball in half.

9. Cut out a circle from the green felt.

10. Glue the circle on the half styrofoam ball.

11. Glue this half styrofoam ball into the mouth of the bottle.

12. Draw stripes on the petals of the flower using silver contour liner.

13. Colour in the wooden skewer using green felt tip pen.

14. Stick the green wooden skewer in the neck of the bottle.

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