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Zafu Meditation Pillow Mar


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This pillow is more than a meditation zafu, it is an artistic creation designed & hand-made by my mom. As an artist, Ximena combines interesting woven fabrics to create a unique & special look you won't find anywhere else! This zafu is filled with 4 pounds of hypoallergenic, organic buck wheat hulls, the perfect amount so that the seeds can mold to your body & offer both comfort & support. The pleats along the circumference of the cushion are there to ensure it maintains its shape as you use it, & we've added a quilted padding on top so that the seeds are not felt through the fabric. The zafu has a handle so that you can easily take it with you & a zipper hidden underneath the handle so you can remove or add seeds as needed. Stylish & functional, this mediation pillow is a great prop for meditation & a beautiful accent to feature in your living room. Dimensions when the zafu is flat on the floor: Diameter 14″ height 5″ our buck wheat hulls comes from a non-profit organization that gives jobs to adults with developmental disabilities. Zafu Meditation Pillow Mar