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Unpainted Smart Chicken Coop


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Want to customize your coop? Then this is the chicken coop for you! The Unpainted Smart Chicken Coop gives you complete control over what colors to paint your new coop. (Because the coop is made of wood, it will need either to be sealed or painted to ensure longevity.) Paint, trim, & faux chalkboard windows are not included. Holds 2 to 4 hens or 6 Bantams 43″L x 36″W x 45″H Why it's so smart: Super Easy To Keep Clean – Our coop allows poop to fall directly to the ground, where our proprietary screen design dries it out. Most other coops are built so the poop must land on a solid surface, so it stays wet (and therefore smelly). Our Coop Design Saves Time – Our easy-clean design cuts cleaning chores to once every few weeks! & you only need a rake to clean it no gloves, brushes or clothes pins for your nose. in addition, our special in-coop waterer & feeder allow weekly refilling, not daily refilling. So, take that vacation without worrying about your hens. Easily access your hens & eggs – Both sides of the roof prop open, as do both cleanout screens. This means you don't ever run the risk of stepping into a big blob of fresh poop. Flexible Design for Choices Now & Later – Our Lean-To Addition can be added to The Smart Chicken Coop at any time. & our modular chicken runs can be attached to either the side or the front of the coop whichever fits your yard better. Made of Premium Materials in USA – All our products are built by a handy empty nester mom in California with the same materials used to build homes, so the coop will last for years! They are designed for a backyard, not the back pasture, so they are cute & tidy. SHIPPING to your door via UPS – The coop ships in panels so that it is easy for one person to move & assemble. No piece weighs more than 20 pounds. All you need is a Star Bit screwdriver & about 60 minutes.” Unpainted Smart Chicken Coop