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The New Chicken Dinner


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Transform chicken into flavorful weeknight meals that excite, with guidance from culinary instructor and cookbook author Ian Knauer! First, make homemade rotisserie-style chicken a weeknight reality with Ian’s special roasting technique. Master extra-crispy deep-fried chicken, with step-by-step instructions for breaking down a whole bird and brining for big flavor. Then, find out how to sear chicken breasts two ways — air-dried and bone-in, and as boneless paillards — for juicy results every time. Want to lock in maximum moisture? Discover how to bake chicken in a salt crust for a wonderfully tender, flavorful result. Plus, Ian shows you how to spatchcock and grill a whole bird under hot bricks, braise chicken thighs for a savory ragù and even poach a whole bird using a classic Chinese technique.