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Radiant Stamping Techniques


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Make a bold impression with all your card stamping designs! Learn creative ways to use your stamps from award-winning card designer Mayuri of Candles in the Garden. She'll teach you how to make dramatic, dynamic designs using supplies you already have! You'll begin by designing background panels with Mayuri's uses for inks and spray. Then, explore fresh methods for using your large background stamps and adding dimension with dynamic emboss-resist designs. Mayuri will share her tricks for making filled backgrounds, creating varied effects with the same materials and incorporating watercolors. You'll discover how designers think about composition and use these tips to create gorgeous cluster designs. Let your creativity shine as you learn Mayuri's trick for using small stamps to mimic the look of pre-made backgrounds, and recreate her signature “kaleidoscope stamping” effect! Plus, you'll see how to perfectly align and create stunning rotational stamping designs.