HomeCourseQuick Techniques for Classic Blocks: Wrenches, Stars & Twists

Quick Techniques for Classic Blocks: Wrenches, Stars & Twists


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Discover how stunning quilt blocks become easy quilt blocks with these video lessons from quilting author and instructor Anita Grossman Solomon. Start by learning Anita's innovative method for using printed sewing and cutting lines to create perfect blocks without measuring. Then apply this technique to create the Jewel Block, Monkey Wrench and Double Wrench blocks swiftly. Mix things up as Anita teaches you how to make precise cuts and create Square-on-Point and Square Star blocks using her streamlined process. Move on to tackling a variety of beautiful Bow Twist designs using a fresh method for corner triangles that will save you time and fabric. Finally, discover how to make charming Cabin Twist and eye-catching Snowball Twist blocks a breeze.