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Prong Settings From Start to Finish


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Experienced metalsmith Nancy L.T. Hamilton shows you how to make a prong setting and two variations in this must-have primer. You'll begin with a simple tube-and-prong version and learn Nancy's tips for accurately measuring your materials. Discover a jig setup that allows you to to solder prongs to a tube with ease before securely soldering your setting to a ring shank. Then, create a seat and round your prongs to set a faceted gemstone with a secure, precise fit. Next up, craft a basket setting entirely from wire, using Nancy's tried-and-true shaping techniques. Discover valuable sizing tricks as you set your stone, and find out how to file your prongs for a professional-level finish. Finally, conquer your most advanced design yet: the traditional basket setting. By the end of class, you'll have the confidence and the skills to add value to any design with a well-crafted setting.