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Keep napkins from blowing away, carry condiments & silverware all on a single tray. Significant price discounts if sold within a 50 mile radius of Sheboygan, WI. Handmade of re-purposed Wood 22 in. X 11.5 in. X 5 in. You could be the proud owner of this “Holtetajet” wood project! “Holtetajet” The name of fine Norwegian craftsmanship. Well, sort of…. No one really knows how to pronounce the name, in Norwegian the “J” is silent & sometimes the “T” is silent, but regardless the name represents the best of what is made by Norwegians…. Well, maybe… what is known is that the Norwegians that held this name or some form of the name were great story tellers & hard workers. You see the origin of the name “Holt” means “Woodland”. The name “Holtetajet” (shortened to “Holte” when it became Americanized) means “Woodland dweller”. Long ago a man named Anders needed work, an income. His father was a hat maker & tanner of hides, but Anders saw no future in hats… in fact he wasn't very fond of even wearing hats. So he went to work for a neighboring landowner, whose farm was called the “Holt” farm. in payment, this farmer gave Anders a small parcel of land called the “Holtetajet” or small “Holteie” Farm on which Anders could dwell, build, raise animals & grow a garden. This pleased Anders, he was now what was called a “huseman”. He now could get married & raise a family. So he dug a well, built a small two story house & started a garden. The lower level of the house was where he kept some goats & chickens later he got a cow. Upstairs was his living quarters, having livestock below didn't always smell the best, but you always woke up to a nice warm floor. This plot of land was very small, smaller than the average city house lot in America; however, Anders was now one step above the bottom class of society, a “houseman”. The major part of Anders' day was spent working on the Holt farm but in the evenings he took pride in upgrading his little dwelling with furniture & décor he made from wood he found on the farm & old wood from cast away furniture & farm equipment other land dwellers had thrown out. His favorite place to find wood was at the nearby summer dwelling of the king of Norway. Each summer the king would vacation here, but before moving in he would have most of his furniture upgraded or replaced. The old was thrown out where Anders could find it. Anders then would dismantle the furniture & cut it up so that he could not be accused of theft & then repurpose the wood into usable items that he would use or sell to other farmers. It wasn't long before Anders & his family outgrew the “Holtetajet”, but it was almost impossible during this time to move up in society. Once you were a beggar, you were always a beggar…. Once a “huseman” it was your lot in life to always be a “huseman”. However, Anders was not satisfied with this situation. He now had eleven children, as each child became of age they went out to work for other land owners in the area.