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Patternmaking Essentials: The Tailored Jacket


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Discover how to make a jacket pattern that's ready to cut and sew with guidance from expert patternmaker Oticca Beamer! Begin by transforming a bodice sloper you already have into a custom jacket sloper by adding ease in all the right places. As you draft, Oticca will teach you how to true the pieces so they'll sew together perfectly. You'll then use your jacket sloper to design a tailored jacket pattern, incorporating designs for the lapel and button extension. Continue creating essential front pieces with an upper and undercollar, flattering princess seams and tips for pocket placement. Next, add stability by making facing and lining pieces. Move on to designing the back pattern piece by adding a neck facing and a lining pattern with jump and back pleats. Finish your pattern by drafting a two-piece sleeve, truing the inner and outer sleeve pieces and creating a sleeve lining.