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Moebius Knitting With Cat Bordhi


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Create one of knitting's most visually intriguing styles using easy-to-learn techniques! Join the master of Moebius knitting, expert instructor Cat Bordhi, and learn how to create a seemingly impossible shape: an astonishing, seamless loop that twists a full 180 degrees. During class, you'll begin by learning the Moebius cast-on — it's where this special style always begins. Once you can cast on, Cat will guide you through two simple, Moebius scarf designs and show you how to add extra pizzazz to your creations using purling and color changes. Want to go beyond accessories? Follow along to create handy, beautiful Moebius bowls and trifold nesting bowls with applied I-cord edging. Plus, you'll discover how to create three stunning Moebius cowl styles ranging from a simple lace design to one of Cat's free-form favorites.