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Mastering Modern Sauces


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Discover the secrets to modern sauces that come together quickly and elevate any meal, with guidance from Sur La Table Resident Chef Jason Hammond. Start by mastering the ratio of acid to oil for classic vinaigrettes. Then, learn how to make cilantro pesto that will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about this classically basil-based delight. And, add fresh salsa verde, chermoula, chimichurri, plum chutney and more to your weeknight repertoire for dishes that surprise and delight. Did you know that nuts are a traditional sauce ingredient around the world? Find out how to whip up almond-based romesco and a totally addictive Vietnamese peanut sauce you'll love. Finally, master two pasta sauces that come together in under 15 minutes, and satisfy your craving for hearty ragù with a meatless mushroom bolognese!