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Master Your Machine: Secrets for Beginner Quilters


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Get the knowledge you need to turn your quilting sewing machine into your most valuable tool! Join instructor Cyndi Souder for step-by-step guidance through setup, operating and troubleshooting essentials, starting with how to properly thread your machine. Next, find out how to quickly diagnose and solve thread tension issues and achieve smooth, even stitches every time. Speaking of stitches, isn't it time you dared to go beyond your machine's default settings? Cyndi will show you how to adjust stitch length and width before revealing several stitches that every quilter should know. Then, explore presser and walking foot options, and learn how to choose the right foot for any project. Along the way, you'll discover foolproof tips to prevent and address common problems so you can keep your machine running smoothly for many years, and quilts, to come!