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Make the Right Cuts: Butchering Basics


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Find out how to break down and carve a variety of meats for your most delicious meals yet. Jason Nauert, director of The Rocky Mountain Meat Institute, is your guide as you learn how to choose the right knife and work surface for any meat. And, find out how to sanitize your work station while safely butchering and storing your meat. Then, transform boring poultry into exciting weeknight meals with Jason's tips for breaking down a whole chicken, carving turkey and more. Up next, correctly fabricate a variety of steaks, from New York strip to porterhouse, for restaurant-worthy results. And, wow dinner guests, without spending a fortune, by frenching and tying your own prime rib. Plus, cut and carve pork chops, pork loin, leg of lamb and even lamb ribs for meals your family will clamor for night after night.