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Macrame Wall Hanging Tree Branches With Leaves, Pattern Hanging, Macremè Wall Art


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All our Pattern Macrame Wall Hanging decorations are handmade by artisans, with love & peace, intricately woven & knotted into this beautiful bohemian inspired pattern. AWESOME GIFT FOR BOHEMIAN STYLE LOVER: macrame wall hanging tapestry perfectly fit in the interior of dorm room,wedding backdrop, living room, bedroom, headboard, kids room & even a cozy café or a studio. also as wedding favors or bohemian themed parties, boho wall decoration, ceiling, Christmas décor ,birthday gift etc. Size – approximately Height : 47 inches (120 cm) Width : 67 inches (170 cm) Driftwood Height: 70 inches (180 cm) Macrame Wall Hanging Tree Branches With Leaves, Pattern Macrame Wall Hanging, macremè wall art PLEASE NOTE, STICKs & DOWELS ARE NOT INCLUDED. This is NOT coming with a dowel / stick. All our clients in the US are getting their rods/dowels from Home Depot or Lowe's. You can also find them in DIY stores or Curtain stores. in the UK, it is B&Q. Large macramé wall decorations are hung the same way as curtains are hung. So you can either get a Dowel from a BQ, Home Depot or from Lowes or a Rod from a Curtain store. Anything up to 1 inch diameter is fine. Hope this helps. Best Wishes & Happy Shopping 🙂 King Size Wall Hanging for Bedroom Wall Decoration: Thanks so much for visiting BOHO DECOR SK's Page. King Size Macrame Headboard will also be perfect decoration for a bed or living room decoration. We make macrame wall hangings pattern in various colors, sizes, styles, & materials, all of them are made of strong, durable cords, carefully dip-dyed with bright colors, & we made them in smoke-free environment with our love & best wishes for you. This Boho Bedroom Wall Decor is one of all masterpieces. Will be great hanging wall tapestry for any room or patio. You can also use this at the office at the back of your desk or at your windows; so classy & so different… a unique product. ENDLESS FUN WITH STRINGS: Large Macrame Backdrop Known for many years & based on handicraft, macrame (yarn wall hanging) has always been indispensable for some, although it is popular from time to time. Are you looking for different & stylish designs in your kitchen, living room, bedroom or in different parts of your home such as balcony & garden? Rustic Backdrop is an art of knotting that develops with no tools, hand made & developed with knots formed by threads passed between each other. Macrame is seen as the first step of textile & knitting art. Macrame is a handicraft created using knot techniques & special threads. First of all, you should research & learn basic knot tying techniques before starting this branch of art or production. Before starting work, you can obtain Macrame materials from jewelry stores, haberdashery or hobby products. in the first stage, you can choose a product such as a ring, hanger, metal or wooden stick for a wooden or plastic material that you will create the frame. BOHO MACRAME ORNAMENTS Lovely handmade bohomian ornaments for you. Perfect