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Learn to Knit: My First Scarf


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Have you been looking for the right chance to pick up those needles? Join instructor and designer Caddy Melville Ledbetter to start your knitting journey with support and success! During class, you'll get acquainted with the basics of knitting, and learn to knit a scarf —  a cute, approachable project perfect for honing your new skills. Caddy will help you choose which needles and yarn are right for the projects you want to make. Then, it's time to stitch! As you knit, you'll learn how to cast on with ease, avoid and fix mistakes and achieve a clean finish  — from binding off to beautiful blocking. Plus, learn about swatching, the purl stitch and pattern-reading basics. Right-handed or left-handed, if you’re new to knitting, this class will put you on track for exciting projects and a brand new passion!