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King Arthur Flour’s Artisan Bread: Mastering Pre-Ferments


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Learn how to work with pre-ferments, or bread starters, the King Arthur Flour way for your best tasting breads yet. Baking instructor Amber Eisler starts by showing you how to calculate baking percentages and desired dough temperature like a pro. Then, get comfortable with developing flavor through long fermentation as you make no-knead country bread dough and shape it into baguettes and boules. Mastering pre-ferments is up next, as Amber teaches you how to use a poolish in a sesame semolina dough, and how to make bâtard- and fougasse-shaped breads. Incorporate a biga into whole wheat bread dough for a hearty-yet-light loaf that your family will swear came from a bakery. Plus, learn how to use a quick sponge to get the benefits of a pre-ferment when you're short on time. Finally, use pâte fermentée to make luscious golden raisin and ginger sweet bread. Amber will teach you to shape that dough into braids, wreaths and panettones that always impress.