Filigree Jewelry With a Twist!


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Gain confidence working with wire as instructor Melody MacDuffee guides you through simple hand-twisting techniques in seven stunning projects! Develop your skills as you learn to form a basic flower motif, and with a few twists transform it into a pair of lovely floral earrings. Form delicate wire branches by hand to complete a captivating, candelabra-inspired necklace, and manipulate memory wire to make a bold, framed-cuff bracelet. Discover how to integrate colorful beads into a variety of designs, including Melody’s signature framed filigree earrings. You’ll also learn how to craft bezeled rings and pendants, creating the perfect showcase for beautiful flat-backed stones. Along the way, discover tried-and-true tips to seamlessly repair breaks, keep your wire kink-free and add professional closures to your finished pieces.