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Exploring Natural Machine-Quilting Motifs


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Join machine-quilting expert Linda Bratten for a free-motion walk through the woods, and learn essential techniques for quilting flowers and lovely, nature-inspired motifs. Discover the easy elements behind seemingly complex designs, and gain must-have tips for quilting negative space, echoing and traveling. Start stitching as you turn a simple teardrop shape into a variety of versatile leaf motifs that are perfect for borders and edge-to-edge designs. Then, transform letters and shapes into branch, vine and pine-cone motifs that add lush texture to your projects. Dive into delightful strawberry, citrus wedge and garden vegetable designs before quilting beautiful petals, tulips, poppies and more. Plus, learn adorable designs including dragonflies, peacock feathers and seashells, and bring the beauty of the outdoors to any project!