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Cracking the Egg: 25 Ways to Transform Your Cooking


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The key to cooking success? It's knowing the best ways to cook eggs, and Sur La Table Resident Chef Kyle Shankman shares his professional secrets for your most egg-cellent dishes yet. First, get expert tips on cooking and peeling boiled eggs just the way you want them. Then, poach restaurant-quality eggs at home and master your new favorite scramble (hint: there's plenty of crème fraîche and butter involved). Make an airy chocolate soufflé that draws praise wherever it goes, and learn how to emulsify yolks for a decadent ganache you'll dream about. Kyle shows you how to put your yolks to work next as you create hollandaise sauce, herbed mayonnaise and a luscious crème Anglaise that's waiting to be churned into irresistible vanilla ice cream. And finally, whip up lighter-than-air Italian meringue, impressive baked Alaska, popovers and addictive German spaetzle.